San Diego Amateur Radio Classes


We’re local amateur radio operators (hams) that are dedicated to helping others get their licenses and get started in amateur radio.


Who we are

What we do.

We teach classes to help you get your Amateur Radio License from the FCC.  The focus in class is getting you the information to pass the licensing exam, enabling you to get “on the air” to gain experience.

Our classes are a usually a “one-day” format, starting 0800 or 0830 and lasting all day. The exam begins immediately after class and is normally complete about 1900 (7pm).  You’re in and out in one day.

We can’t guarantee you’ll pass, however most people do. Our success rate is high - on average, we see about 85% of attendees pass the exam. If you study for a few hours before attending class you’ll increase your chances to 90%+.  (Less than 50% of those who don’t study in advance pass.)

The Technician (entry  level) class is the most common, and we have six to nine of these per year. We also hold classes to upgrade to General class, and even Extra class.  These are less frequent (perhaps annually), with frequency based on community interest.  If you want to upgrade to General or Extra, please let us know.

We strive to hold classes in various locations around the county. We often alternate among north, east and south (with typical locations including Escondido, El Cajon, and Bonita areas).

Testing on Your Own

Remember: you don’t need to attend a class to take an exam and get your license. Virtually every Saturday morning there is a session held somewhere in San Diego County. You can study on your own and sign up for an exam session offered by one of the local Volunteer Examiner teams.  To find times and places for regularly scheduled sessions which work best for you, visit the the exam sites for ARRL (second Saturday), and SANDARC (other Saturdays).  You can also find lists of local clubs on those sites.


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