Amateur Extra Materials


Once you’ve passed your General exam, you can upgrade to the Extra class license.   The study materials for preparation for the Extra exam below.

Note: All file downloads are part of class materials.

ExtraReadMeFirst-201606.doc - an introduction to how the class works and some suggestions on studying. If you haven’t done one of our classes before, check this one out.

ExtraPool.pdf - the entire pool of exam questions, with the right answers bolded. Try to read through these (or the No Nonsense Guide below) once before class. 

2016 Extra Class Pool Diagrams.pdf - the graphics which go along with the question pool. 

ExtraStudyGuide-2016.pdf - key concepts and facts in four pages for review and reference while you read the questions and answers.

Hambands-201704.pdf - The ARRL’s band plan summary. Helpful for that “edge of band” questions and with recent updates

Formula_Wheel.jpg - A graphic take on algebraic manipulations of P=IE and I=ER to get E=I2R and others (pardon my lack of superscripts, etc. :-))

Additional Resources (not part of class materials)

KB6NU Study Guides  (available for purchase) - Another take on the question pool with explanations along with the questions. Many find this format with background material an aid to their understanding and success.  (In class we use only the Q&A and discuss the explanations interactively.) Amateur_Extra_files/ExtraReadMeFirst-201606.docAmateur_Extra_files/ExtraPool.pdfAmateur_Extra_files/2016%20Extra%20Class%20Pool%20Diagrams.pdfAmateur_Extra_files/ExtraStudyGuide-2016.pdfAmateur_Extra_files/Hambands-201704.pdfAmateur_Extra_files/Forumla_Wheel.jpg

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