Technician Materials


The Technician class of license is the “entry level” license in Amateur Radio. No prior license or experience is required. The study materials to prepare for our class for the Technician exam are:

The-Exam-and-Study-Tips-201407.pdf - an introduction to how the exam and class works and some suggestions on studying.

Getting Your FRN.pdf - what you need to know to get your FRN (FCC Registration Number) before class.  Note: you must have an FRN to attend class, take the exam and apply for your License. - the entire pool of exam questions, with only correct answers. Try to read through these once before class, and please bring a printed copy to class.

2014-2018 Tech Graphics.pdf - these diagrams are referred to in some of the test questions.

TechStudySheet.v2.pdf- key concepts and facts in four pages for review and reference while you read the questions and answers. This is the current copy of the files above. (This is the file I send to students when they register for class).

Additional Resources For Your Success

Ham Academy - The recommended downloadable practice program. This drill and test tool runs locally in your browser and does not require an online internet connection. (Many thanks to ah0a for creating it!)

Please note: the question pool has changed effective 01-july-2014,

and this is the old pool edition of Ham Academy.

No Nonsense Tech Study Guide available from

Another take on the question pool with explanations intermixed with the questions. Many find this format with background material an aid to their understanding and success.  (In class we use only the Q&A and discuss the explanations interactively.)


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