Preparing for a class


Before class you should:

  1. 1. Register to attend a Scheduled Class.  When you request registration via email, you will receive an email reply with registration instructions, study materials and some general info.  (The reply may take a few days - sometimes there’s a lot of mail in the queue.)

  2. 2. Get your FRN (FCC Registration Number).  If you are attending a Technician class, and don’t have an FRN, you must obtain one.  See the “Getting Your FRN” link (or the pdf on the Technician materials page).

  3. 3. Reply to the registration instructions. Include confirmation that you’ve received the study materials and your FRN.  With this reply, we can confirm your place in the class to reserve your seat for the class and exam. Replying/confirming promptly is to your advantage - emails are processed “first come, first served”.  If the class/exam is full when you confirm you will be placed on the waiting list to see if there are sufficient cancellations for you to attend.  (Those who do not confirm at least two weeks before class will be removed from the roster and cannot attend.)

  4. 4. Study for the class and exam. Study Materials for your class:

  5.   Technician

  6.   General

We find that study in advance greatly improves your chances of passing the exam (from maybe 50% without study to 90% with study).  Take a few hours to review the “study sheet” and read the “Q&A” handout or the “No Nonsense” guide.

Many people find the “No Nonsense Study Guide” helpful, as it includes explanations along with the questions.

  1. 5. Practice with Ham Academy or an online test service.  Ham Adademy is a useful test and drill tool for all Amateur Radio exams. It runs locally in your browser (does not require you to be on the internet). There are also many on line practice test resources which you can use to take practice tests and prepare for the exam. There are also many online ham radio exam sites, both free and for a nominal fee (for example, and


Preparing for Your Class

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