How to get your FRN (FCC Registration Number)

You must have an FRN to complete registration for the class and to take the examination for your license.

It’s pretty easy to register online with the FCC and to get your FRN

using the FCC registration system. The main page is at:

FIRST: You only need one FRN for all your individual FCC licenses.

If you’ve had another license (like maritime) from the FCC in the last 15 or so years, you probably already have an individual FRN and can use that.  If you think you might already have an FRN, you can use the simple SEARCH link to look for your last name.  If you have a common last name use advanced SEARCH instead (read the info on using wildcard characters to help your search).

If you’re pretty sure you don’t have an FRN already, you can register for a new FRN in 5 or 10 minutes using the REGISTER link. 

A few tips on the registration process:

  1. 1.Register as an individual (amateur radio is not for business use)

  2. 2.Enter the required information: your name, SSN, address, etc.  The registration process allows you to “trade” your SSN for an FRN which the exam team needs to issue you an exam.

  3. 3.Warning: Your mailing address will become public record when the FCC issues your license (after you pass the exam).  If you do not want your street address published, use another address. For example, you could use a P.O. Box, a work address, or another address at which you can receive US mail from the FCC.

  4. 4.Use a reasonable password, and save it securely.  You will use this password to login and renew your license when it expires in 10 years.  (Adding the personal security question should enable you to reset your password in the event that you lose it.)

Once you have your FRN, copy and paste it into your email reply to the registration instructions to complete registration.  (Please do not email a pdf of the page, particularly if it includes your personal and/ or security information!)


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