What you need to bring


Technician:  Your FRN (FCC Registration Number)

This is required to register for a class.  See Before Class for how to get an FRN.

General/Extra:  Your original license and a copy.

Most exam teams will accept a print of the FCC website’s “Reference Copy” if you don’t have an original or time to receive one from the FCC in the mail.

All: Your copy of the Questions and Study Sheet,

Bring a copy of the pdf “Q&A” and “study sheet” you received in the email instructions when you requested registration.  These are the materials we focus upon during class.  You’ll need to follow along with these, and will probably want to take notes on them.  You can bring the material either hard copy (on paper), or softcopy (on your ipad/laptop/etc.).  In either case, be prepared to take notes during class.

All: Pencils and/or Pens (including a black pen)

To take notes, fill out application forms, and to take the exam. Note: You need to bring a black pen - most exam teams require black ink on the paperwork.

All: A simple calculator.

The examiners dislike fancy programmable calculators which may have formulas pre-programmed. They do not allow smartphones like the iphone or andriod which could have ‘study guides’ loaded on them or have internet access.

All: A pre-exam snack.

It’s a long day.  Some people find a snack before the exam really helps.


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